Dr. T K Salahudheen is the Chief Ophthalmologist at Rayhan Eye Hospital which holds the distinction of being the first Eye Hospital in Edappal, Malappuram, Kerala. Dr. Salahudheen holds several years of experience in the ophthalmic field through his service in prestigious eye institutes in India and abroad. He specializes in Micro-incision and Oculoplastic surgery which focuses on less invasive cataract surgeries and cosmetic procedures around the eye respectively.


MS qualified Dr. Salahudheen holds a Fellowship in Intraocular Microsurgery (FIMS). Trained in the latest micro surgeries, Dr. Salahudheen has a dedicated team of doctors and staff at Rayhan Eye Hospital. Under his wings, the hospital strives to achieve great heights in professional excellence and qualitative eye care.


Rayhan Eye Hospital provides free consultation, check up and eye camps services to the poor and needy patients. Dr. Salahudheen’s contribution towards this cause in terms of medical assistance is very vital to the hospital’s noble initiative. He is the recipient of Nehru Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of eye care and treatment.